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Deep-dive into Shallow Digital Talent Pools
– International Edition


In the age of Industry 4.0 - workforces are becoming increasingly digitized. This means that new key skills are emerging; skills that businesses need to retain and attract in order to remain competitive.

With the above in mind, Mercer has launched an initiative to gain insights regarding what managers and business leaders from around the world are doing to prepare their workforces for the future. This research survey has been designed so that it collects information on critical issues such as:

- how companies are using workforce intelligence and data analytics to obtain advantages over their peers
- what companies are doing to attract, retain, reward and assess key digital skills
- what talent strategies are companies adopting in order to source key digital skills

In addition to this research: Mercer’s Workforce Analytics team will analyze  supply and demand landscape looks like internationally (at city/regional level) for a select number of key digital jobs: Cyber Security Engineers; Cloud Engineers; Data Scientists; Soft- and Hardware Engineers; IT Project Managers; Architect and Business Intelligence Analysts.

This survey is especially aimed at Talent Analytics/Intelligence/Sourcing experts; Talent Managers; Senior HR Business Partners and for Business Leaders seeking answers to the monumental talent challenges that they are facing.

Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the results for the region for which they are based in (MENA; Europe; Pacific; Asia; LATM; North America) and will be invited to local/online events where the results will be presented.

The approximate time to finish the survey is 35 minutes