Introducing a new Mercer solution for flexible working: Adaptive Working™

Flexible working is now the #1 benefit looked for when applying for a new job. For both employees and employers, flexibility will be a key feature of work in the coming years. Almost 90% of companies agree that we will see more flexible working arrangements in the near future, yet, more than half of all organisations do not have a flexible working strategy or philosophy - and of those that do, only 19% have a formal written document in place. Where flexible policies do exist they are typically limited to where and when people can work, and this framework is too limited to define the full scope of future flexible working. Clearly, there is a disconnect between the importance of workplace flexibility and the way many companies handle their flexible working strategy.

This is why Mercer has developed a strategic approach to workplace flexibility that is based on a clear and structured methodology to deliver practical and repeatable results. Starting with this short survey, you can decide what flexibility means for your organisation. 

Take just five minutes to enter your organisation's current approach and benchmark yourself against other leading organisations.
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