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How age-ready are you?

Is your organisation age ready? As life expectancy increases and skills and labour scarcity become more pronounced, the age profile of your organisation is likely to rise. You may need more older workers to fill labour scarcity gaps, and more flexibility in workforce practices to keep workers of all ages engaged and productive.  In order to understand if your organisation has optimised its AGE READY approach, you can review your current HR policy and practice against our simple diagnostic. Take the test and see how you compare. Organisations that already practice many or all of the items in this diagnostic are best placed to be age-ready. If you have not yet adopted any of these approaches, or even just a few, you are unlikely to be able to engage an age diverse workforce. This might just be the time for change.

The survey should take approximately ten minutes to complete, and will give you invaluable insights as to the changes you can make to ensure you are age ready, in order to reap the benefits of a diverse and skilled talent pool. By providing data for this survey, you consent for responses to be collected in our database and for aggregate responses to be used for data analysis and the production of intellectual capital.

Please note that your  organisation's responses will remain anonymous; the provision of an organisation name is required for record maintenance purposes only and to enable us to provide the final survey results and research to the survey respondent.
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